The "Evolution" series is here!!

So what is AvoidaSnagTM?

AvoidaSnagTM successfully stops you getting snagged. So how do we avoid fishing snags, you ask? Well lets take a step back, as every fisherman knows snags are everywhere, fish love to hide around them and most snags occur when we retrieve the hook over or near these snags. AvoidaSnagTM protects the hook while it skips, weaves and bumps its way over all snags. Refer to our Online Store page to view our products. The Evolution series new spring loaded action goes one step further and significantly increases your chances of a hook up by using the fishes own natural action when biting combined with the AvoidaSnagTM design, for a faster better hook set.  The Evolution series also allows for a larger hook range.



What type of snags?

Snags found in and around estuaries, rivers, cliffs, reefs, weeds, rocks, mangroves, wrecks, bridges, jetties, pontoons, trees and all other snags

Got a question?


Please visit our FAQ page to answer some common questions, otherwise we will endeavor to answer all other queries, so ask away. In fishing every advantage takes luck out of the equation!

Got another successful story using your AvoidaSnagTM we would love to hear it, so drop us a line!

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