Q. Does AvoidaSnagTM avoid all snags?

A. Although AvoidaSnagTM cannot guarantee against all snags, in over 1000 test casts of bottom drag retrieval, AvoidasnagTM did avoid 98% of snags. Only 2% caused loss off tackle.


Q. Is AvoidaSnagTM environmentally friendly?

A. Yes, AvoidaSnag'sTM primary function is to avoid snags, which would otherwise contribute to 1000's of tonnes of fishing line , toxic lead weights and other metal's worldwide entering our waterways each year from recreational fishing.


Q. What should I do if my AvoidaSnagTM has got a snag?

A. In the unlikely event your AvoidaSnagTM  has got a wedge snag you should loosen the line and if possible safely walk until you are at an angle to the snag, then tighten and repeatedly tug on the line until you are able to dislodge your AvoidaSnagTM. Please remember safety first!


Q. How long will my AvoidaSnagTM last?

A. Without accidental damage your AvoidaSnagTM will out live your hooks. So proper care and maintenance of your hooks (washing with fresh water after use) will ensure the longevity of your AvoidaSnagTM. AvoidaSnagTM will also protect the hook point from blunting.


Q. Can I use bigger hooks than what is recommended?

A. It is not recommended using bigger hooks, currently AvoidaSnagTM can only suit any hook that can conceal the hook point within the AvoidaSnagTM apron. Refer Recommended Rig Setup. Hooks that do not fit correctly will compromise AvoidaSnag'sTM functionality. Remember you can always catch a big fish on a small hook, but its hard to catch a small fish on a big hook!


Q. Do you ship to my Country?

A. We ship all around the world!

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